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February 15, 2005



This is the biggest fraud blog i've ever seen. I dont think you've been to spain at all. Because you got all the information from wikitravel.


Hi Danielle,
Thanks for your comments! Yes I have been collecting useful articles from wikitravel for this blog. Most people do not know wikitravel and so may not find this information. Therefore I thought it would be useful to replicate the information here.

I have also been adding many photos of Spain that I have taken both whilst living here and on my may visits to Spain whilst not actually living here.

I resent the fact that you called this blog a fraud, and feel that I am entitled to put whatever information on it that I think other people will find u

All the best in your future commenting!


Jose Torres


I think this is a great blog.

I've been to Spain five times, most recently for a three month stay in Madrid this year (Feb 2005 - April 2005) and the information here is pretty accurate.

I've been to Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba and I too have a passion for Spain and all things related. I'm a flamenco dancer living in the U.S and return to Spain often to work and study.

Keep up the good work -



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